Our Expertise in Used Injection Molding Machines

Machinery Network holds a large inventory of used injection molding equipment suitable for manufacturing operations looking to increase productivity and efficiency without spending top-dollar on brand new equipment.  

Our inventory consists of over 100 machines catering to a wide range of manufacturing requirements. We have a team of experts in used plastics machinery that will walk you through the entire buying process so you can find the perfect injection molding equipment for your operation. 

Top Brands in the Industry

We carry used plastic injection molding machines from some of the most respected brands in the industry, including:

Known for their durability, precision, and innovation, these brands offer the quality and reliability you need to maximize your manufacturing outcomes.

Benefits of Used Injection Molding Machinery


Used Injection molding equipment offers significant cost efficiency benefits for manufacturers. One of the key advantages is the high production rate it enables. Injection molding machinery is capable of producing large volumes of plastic parts in a short amount of time, leading to lower production costs per unit. 

Design Flexibility

Injection molding machines provide unparalleled design flexibility for manufacturers. The process allows for the creation of complex and intricate shapes with high precision and consistency.

Enhanced Efficiency and Product Quality

The automated nature of injection molding ensures consistent part production with minimal variation, reducing defects and rejections. This allows you to have a consistent and repeatable manufacturing process. 

Types of Used Injection Molding Machines for Sale

We offer numerous types of used injection molding machinery, such as:

  • Vertical Injection Molding Machines: Vertical injection molding machines offer several advantages, including compact design, ease of operation, and efficient use of space.
  • Horizontal Injection Molding Machines:  These machines are known for their high production capacity and automation capabilities. They offer efficient and continuous mass production of plastic parts, making them suitable for industries with high-volume manufacturing needs.
  • Electric Injection Molding Machines: Electric injection molding machines provide faster cycle times, precise control over injection speeds and pressures, and improved repeatability, resulting in higher product quality and reduced scrap rates.
  • Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines: Hydraulic injection molding machines are known for their high clamping force capabilities, making them suitable for molding large and heavy parts. They offer excellent performance in terms of power and speed, allowing for fast injection and mold closing cycles.

Choosing the Right Used Injection Molding Machine

Choosing the right injection molding machine is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the success of your manufacturing operations. It's important to consider several factors such as the desired production volume, product specifications, material requirements, and budget constraints. 

Assessing the clamping force, injection capacity, and shot size of the machine is essential to ensure it can accommodate the size and complexity of your molds and parts.

Additionally, evaluating the machine's control system, automation capabilities, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements will contribute to selecting a machine that aligns with your production goals and long-term operational needs.