Machinery Network hosts a vast inventory of used waterjet machines from industry leading manufacturers. We offer several waterjet machine types, such as dynamic used CNC machines, intensifiers, and dual head waterjets.

CNC Waterjets

Advancements in computing power in industrial manufacturing has transformed the way companies use waterjet cutting. CNC waterjets can easily map out the waterjet shape, allowing you to make more precise and predictable cuts. 

Other Waterjet Cutting Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment

Water treatment equipment is great for removing impurities from water after your cuts. You can also find Inline Chillers and other attachments to aid your water filtration process.


Intensifiers generate the high-pressure water stream you need to cut through your various materials. These machines play a crucial role in pressurizing water to high levels, unlocking the full potential of your waterjet cutting machine. 

Popular Waterjet Brands


Flow waterjets are renowned for their versatility, precision, and efficiency. They offer a wide range of cutting solutions for diverse applications across industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and artistic endeavors.


Omax waterjet systems are known for their versatility and ability to cut through a wide range of materials with exceptional precision. Their machines utilize high-pressure water combined with abrasive particles to deliver powerful and precise cutting capabilities.


Mitsubishi waterjet systems utilize high-pressure water combined with abrasive particles to deliver powerful cutting capabilities. Their control technology ensures smooth and precise motion control, resulting in consistent and high-quality cuts.

Waterjet Cutters vs Laser Cutters

Both waterjets and laser cutting machines have numerous advantages in manufacturing. 

Broad Material Compatibility

Waterjet cutting can handle an impressively wide range of materials, including plastics, glass, wood, metals, rubber, foam, and even cloth. This versatility stems from its unique cutting process, which relies on high-pressure water and an abrasive to physically erode away the material, as opposed to melting or vaporizing it. This method allows waterjet cutters to handle materials that laser cutters can't, such as highly reflective metals.

Reduced Heat Damage and Material Distortion

The cutting process for waterjet cutters involves eroding away material using a high-pressure stream of water, which can be mixed with an abrasive for cutting harder materials. This process doesn't heat the material, thereby avoiding potential heat damage or warping that can occur with laser cutting.

Environmental Impact

Waterjet cutting is a cold process that does not create any hazardous fumes or vapors. Laser cutting can produce hazardous fumes when cutting certain materials like plastics.

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