Michigan, United States


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FEATURING: (51) Injection molding machines up to 1798 ton as new as 2021, (40) Servo robots, a large variety of material dryers, blenders, thermolators, hot runner controls, complete paint line, tool room equipment, rolling stock, and more

California, United States

Complete Facility Specializing in Fabrication, Machining, Paint and Powder Coating

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Featuring: 55,000 square foot facility specializing in welding, sheet metal fabrication, machining, painting/powder coating for precision dispensing equipment

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What Are Machine Auctions?

Machine auctions are events or platforms where used machines and equipment, such as CNC machines, fabrication equipment, and plastics machinery are bought and sold through a bidding process.

During the auction, interested buyers place bids on the machines they wish to acquire. Bids are usually made in incremental amounts, with each new bid surpassing the previous one. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is declared the winner and is expected to complete the purchase by paying the agreed-upon price.

What Machines Can You Bid On?

Our machinery auctions host a wide range of machines and equipment you can bid on. Some hot items are:

What Is The Registration Process?

Registration is free but required before you can bid in one of our listed used machine auctions. Machinery Network might request a financial reference or deposit before bidding. You can also register for sales in advance under the details section of one of our listings.