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Blvd. Interamerican 120, Parque Industrial FINSA Parque Industrial FINSA Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 66600, Mexico

Pristine Assets available due to change in work-statement. Equipment has extremely low cutting hours! Featuring: (45+) CNC Machine Tools by Mazak & Okuma as late as 2013, Unisig B600 Deep Hole Drilling System, and more...


Pre-Auction Offers Welcomed

CNC Deep Hole BTA Drill & Trepanning Machine

  • Unisig B600 6M, Siemens 8400D control, 6” max hole ID x 240” max length, 6.5” hole thru spindle, 8” max counter bore/trepan ID, Tooling, New 2013, $2.5mil Replacement cost

CNC Multi-Axis Turning

  • Mazak Cybertech 4500M, Matrix Nexus, 12” spindle bore, 120 centers, Milling, New 2012, 3000 Hours, (2 available)
  • Mazak QTN-450IIMY, Matrix Nexus, Milling + Y axis, 80” centers, 7” bore, New 2012
  • Mazak QTN-450IIM, Matrix Nexus, Milling, 7” bore, New 2007
  • Okuma Space Turn LB4000EX-R BBMY, OSP-P200LAR, Milling, Y axis, 4.5” spindle bore, New 2012 (2 available)
  • Okuma Space Turn LB3000EX-BBMY, OSP-P200, Milling, big bore, stead rest, New 2011 (2 available)

CNC Turning

  • Mazak STN-600, Matrix Nexus, 16" spindle bore, New 2013
  • Mazak STN-550X, Matrix Nexus, 12” spindle bore, 120” centers, New 2012, 3500 hours, (3 available)
  • Mazak QT 450N, Matrix Nexus, 7.5” spindle bore, up to 80” centers, as new as 2012 (9 available)
  • Mazak ST-50NX, Mazatrol, big bore, (5 available)
  • Weiler E90/3 Siemens, 12” bore, 120” centers
  • Weiler E70/3, Siemens, 6.5” bore, 120” centers
  • Mori Seiki SL-35B & ZL-35B
  • (2) J&L TNC Combi 615 Twin Turret Chucker, Fanuc 18iT Control, 8” & 6.5” bore

Machining Centers

  • Mazak MTV-655/80N 4 Axis VMC, Matrix Nexus, New 2011
  • Mazak MTV-655/60N 4 Axis VMC, Matrix Nexus, as new as 2011 (2 available)

Bucking Unit

  • McCoy RP7018-01 Bucking Unit, Continuous Long Stroke, 105K Llb-Ft torque, 17.4” max pipe OD x 12’ bed, New 2011


  • Sunnen SV324 Vertical Hone, 12” max ID x 48” stroke, New 2005
  • Sunnen GH-210 Horiz Hone, 12” max ID x 13' stroke/length, New 2005

Test & Inspection

  • Instron Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine, 600kN capacity, New 2011
  • Magnaflux ADH-2045L Magnetic Particle Inspection Center, New 2011
  • (4) Pressure Test Cabins Enclosures, 15K PRIS max pressure, (2) 40’L & (2) 20’L
  • Faradays Technologies PTE40 III, 3 Spindles, 44” scan length, New 2013


  • (2) Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP-500 Vertical Lift Part Storage Systems
  • Robotic Welding Cell
  • Eitel Press RP-40, Hyd Straightening Press, New 2011

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    Large Capacity CNC Machining & Test Equipment facility to the Oil & Gas industry
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