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On-Location (w/ Webcast)

Dallas TX and Camarillo CA, United States

FEATURING: (9) Pad-Printers, (8) ABB Robots, ABB Super Charger, Pizza Ovens, Huge Motors, Conveyors, (4) 150 HP Baldor Electric AC Motors, (24) Nash vacuum pumps, Valmet Pulp Disc refiners, Pulp mixing tanks, and Much More…

Camarillo Asset List

  • (2) Comec KV 30 Pad Printers, New 2019
  • ABB IRB 1600 M2004 6-Axis Robot w/ Power Supply, 250 kg Cap., New 2017
  • (2) ABB IRB 2600 M2004 6-Axis Robot w/ Power Supply, 272 kg. Cap., as New as 2015
  • (3) ABB Flexpicker IRB 360-1/1600 4-Axis Robot w/ 2.2lbs Payload, New 2020
  • (2) ABB Flexpicker IRB 360-6/1600 4-Axis Robot w/ 13.2lbs Payload, New 2020
  • ABB Terra HP 350 Super Charger
  • (3) Formlabs Form 3 Stereolithographic (SLA) 3-D Printers, 5.7” x 5.7” x 7.3” Print Area
  • FormLabs Form Cure, 64 - 82 °F Operating Temp., 176 °F Max Cure Temp., 13 Multi-Directional LED’s, 405nm LED Wavelength
  • Conveyor System
  • (2) SMC HRS060-AN-20 Thermo Chillers, New 2019
  • Ranar DT 633-3 Turbo Jetstar Infrared Jet Air Belt Dryer, 36” Wide x 12’ Long Belt, New 2019
  • TURBOCHEF HCS1618 Industrial Oven w/ Conveyor System, 2019
  • Promach Rennco NextGen 301 Package Sealer
  • AFA Systems C-9 Top Packaging Machine
  • Infeed Box Folder
  • Zhucheng ZYDP-380 Double Disc Refiner, 380mm Disc, 37kw, s/n 2197, New 2019

Dallas Asset List

  • (5) Comec KP 13 Pad Printers, New 2019
  • (2) Comec KV 30 Pad Printers, New 2019
  • (4) Baldor Model ECP-4422T-4, 150 HP, A.C. Motors
  • (24) NASH Model XL950 Pumps
  • (4) Martco Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks
  • (4) VALMET 16" DD 6000 Double Disk Refiner, S/N 19H8591, New 2020
  • (6) Trimmers
  • Single & Multi-Head Pad Printers
  • Gear Motors
  • Air Compressor

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On-Location (w/ Webcast)