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You can browse our inventory for machinery, our stock is updated daily. If there is something you need that you can't find, you can send us a request and we can find it for you.

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Have surplus machinery to sell? Let us help you sell it! Our team is ready to receive your requests, click the button below to fill out the Machinery for Sale form.


We are accredited and certified members of the AMEA and are able to tailor every appraisal to specific requirements and unique circumstances.

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Check out our new auction division!




Machinery Network is a full service machinery dealer. We are currently seeking two (2) experienced sales representatives to join our sales force.

Applicants must have experience selling new and/or used equipment. Applicants must be prepared to undergo a background and reference check. Please submit your must current resume/CV, salary history, and a list of work references

SALARY + COMMISSION is commensurate with experience.

Machinery Network Auctions has various positions open in the company, email us at:

At Machinery Network, we provide you the largest quality inventory of used metalworking plastic and fabrication machinery, including late-model presses, and CNC metalworking equipment. Our inventory is updated daily.

We proudly offer a full 30 day MDNA return privilege on all our inventory.


Machinery Network is a full service company, offering Appraisal and Financing opportunities; Auction and Consignment sales, Extended Warranties and all the necessary technical expertise.


Our sales staff prides themselves on our ability to meet your business needs.




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