2021 BYSTRONIC XPRESS 50/1050 BRAKES, PRESS, N/C & CNC, (Including Hyd/Mech) | Machinery Network Inc.
BRAKES, PRESS, N/C & CNC, (Including Hyd/Mech)
XPRESS 50/1050
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Capacity 55 Ton Overall Length of Bed 3.3' Control Bystronic TouchScreen Distance Between Housings 43.3" Stroke 7.87" Open Height 19.6" R Axis Travel 3.93" R-Axis Speed 3.93"/sec R-Axis Accuracy .001" X-Axis Travel 11.8" X-Axis Speed 16"/sec X-Axis Accuracy .001" Z-Axis Travel 25.5" Z-Axis Speed 25.5"/sec Y-Axis Accuracy .0003" Max Back Gauge Range 19.6" Table Width 2.36" Max Y-Rapid Traverse 6"/sec Max Y-Working Speed .393"/sec Oil Capacity 27 Gallon Main Motor 5 HP Approx. Dimensions (LxWxH) 66" x 67" x 105" Approx. Weight 7,800 Lbs Inspect Under Power In So. California

Equipped With

ByVision Bending control with 22 inch full HD display and touch technology, OPC Interface Bending, manually vertically and horizontally adjustable fingers, O-frame eliminates throat limitation over the entire bending length, Safety side fences and rear door, Control console with foot switch, Automatic frame deflection compensation, Fast clamping system for Euro-B tooling, T5/100 table, Lower tool clamping, Clamping Plates for T5 Table, Cooling unit on electrical cabinet & oil cooler, Two front support arms, 4-axies back gauge system, LED lighting, Fast Bend S safety system